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  • TURBO DECODER HY22Каталожен No 5240Категория:TURBODECODERДобавен на:06.08.2018 г.


  • Описание:

    Turbo decoder HY22 is an emergency locksmith opening device for KIA and HYUNDAI door and ignition locks.
    These locks are with an HY22 key profile / SILCA /.

    No decoding option is applicable for these 4-track locks because of the complicity of their wafers!
    This ivaylov turbo tool is ideal for fast opening in case of lost keys or locked outs. To decode the lock we suggest disassembling and reading the code directly from the lock wafers!
    Certificate for International trademark registration.
    To discover which cars use a HY22 key profile please look in INSTACODE or refer to SILCA key catalog /available online/.
    If you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us.

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